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Deciphering the need for mobility in a business

The growth and acceptance of digital technologies has been one of the influential drivers of bringing about transformation across businesses, governments and industries around the world. Mobile technologies have contributed significantly towards this digital facelift, making companies operate smoothly and explore newer sources of revenues. The biggest advantage of integrating mobile technology into business is the quality and scope of engagement it allows the firm to have with its customers.

Over the years, mobile has grown into one of the most important and integral part of any successful business’ communication strategy. It is observed that mobility is leading the charge in driving the digital expansion. This has resulted in organizations channeling their investment and efforts towards adopting enterprise mobility. However, with the growing acceptance of mobility across organizations, the evaluation related to whether a business actually requires this change or not is being overlooked.

With the adoption of enterprise mobility, you aim to address two concerns primarily: efficiency and security in your organization. For any business strategy to be successful, its impact on your clients also need to be evaluated. Today, clients expect real time responsiveness at all times, thereby implying the full time availability of your employees. For your employees to work at full efficiency, they expect to have access to business resources whenever they need it, and that too using mobile devices. Finding yourself a good mobility solution partner can help you in establishing a platform that will automatically discover and identify mobile devices, thereby making mobile device management (MDM) easier.

Understanding whether applications need better management

You should make it a point to find out what applications are being used by your employees and what purposes are being solved through these applications. Running an analysis on your WLAN traffic can help you evaluate this. With the help of traffic monitors built into your network or independent traffic analysis tools, the trend of your employees’ needs can be better understood.
The analysis will lead to rising security concerns. To fortify your enterprise security and infrastructure, you can use a Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution, which helps in controlling which applications can be downloaded and also designate which users and devices can use particular apps.

Evaluating the need to manage data in a better way

If your employees need to use consumer cloud file-sharing applications like Dropbox, Google Drive etc, you should pay attention to how this usage affects the data security of your organization. Additionally, you also need to look into whether the organization needs more stringent control over data to meet regulatory compliances or to protect intellectual information while still allowing employees to transfer data or exchange files from mobile devices.

The availability of Mobile Information Management solutions designed specifically to address the aforementioned scenario. Majority of these solutions allow your staff to safely sync documents across multiple devices and operating systems.

If your assessment indicates the need for an enterprise mobility strategy, you still have to make it a strategic business investment by understanding how much does the strategy relate to your organization’s goals and policies.

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