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Empower your Sales & Service to grow your business

Here is the link to the webinar. Please register

In this webinar we’ll take an up-close look at Sales & Service departments, and how:
– Organizations can use this solution to get holistic view of the customer in one place from lead to sale
– Customer service agents can provide faster, more accurate responses to customer from anywhere
– Sales manager can support the team to boost the pipeline.

Attendees will learn how:
1. To simplify Sales & Service department daily tasks
2. To achieve single view of the customer : Customer at centre of the business
3. Sales Manager can support the team to boost the pipeline by looking into the Pipeline Dashboard
4. To optimize the collaboration between Sales & Service people

As part of this registration you have the access to one day of free consultation by our SAP CX Lead followed by 7 days free trail*. To register for this free offer please enroll on


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