Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Using SAP Fiori

Digital transformation of Notification and Approval System

A digital platform for field staff to receive a notification about a failure in the system

Once the notification is received the staff logs in to live Mobile application to get details about the site

The staff using his mobile app request for Approval to enter the site which is received by the live notification center built

The Real time notification centre grants access which again sent out a notification and access to Site to carry out the work


This transformation of notification and approval system using interactive User Interface helped in below

Reduced time by 70%

Improved efficiency by 50%

Claims management

A seamless platform for a customer to create an account and further submitting a claim based on the eligibility

Digital platform provides an app based solution to process, submit and track application

With the integration to an existing database and sets of rules the UI is tightly integrated using API services

With provision to Save and return to the application as suited the solutions provides a lot of flexibility


This transformation of app based solution has reduced time significantly and increased customer loyalty and retention

Reduced time and delay by 80%

Customer retention by 40%