PeopleSoft Pre-Built Tools

PeopleSoft Pre-Built Tools

INKIT Solutions is committed to enhance PeopleSoft HCM to find solutions to the most common business problems and bring efficiencies. Why waste hours of your precious time in manual activities to still ending up with human errors. Our Consultants have built a number of pre-built tools to support you in moving from transactional to transformational activities.

PeopleSoft Test Framework

PeopleSoft Test Framework is a great tool to run the same test repeatedly. It is easy to change variables to use the same test scenario with different test cases. For example, if I wanted to create an asset with different asset profiles, it is simply a matter of copying the test case and then changing the profile and re-running the scenario.

Since PTF is upgraded with PUM releases and major upgrades, PTF will automatically be adjusted for changes that have occurred in the PeopleSoft structure for delivered functionality. The biggest benefit is the ability to identify issues with customizations and other objects that are not part of the upgrade; PTF will identify functions where changes need to be made.

There are optimization tools that are built-in to PTF to adjust for changes in upgrades. These tools make PTF more efficient and make the whole user experience more rewarding. Learn more about INKIT Solutions PTF offering.
Some of the top features include:

  • Checking for failures.
  • Running end-to-end tests
  • Performing regression test for SIT (System Integration Test) and UAT (User Acceptance Test)
  • Training

STP Year-End Reconciliation Tool

This tool helps Reconciliation of STP for a full tax year with final event indicator. This is a three-way matching that involves checking STP data with payroll (payslip data) and also with YTD accumulator values.

INKIT has developed a solution for EOFY reconciliation tools which will identify the issues with STP and generate the reconciliation reports for most of the STP/Payment summary categories components. The reconciliation report includes incorrect STP values, correct values for each employee, pay entity, pay group and balance group combination. This solution also has the automated process to self-fixing the incorrect STP values. Customer don’t have to run the legacy payment summary process to reconcile the STP.

With INKIT’s reconciliation tool, PeopleSoft customers will avoid rework of correcting STP data and sending an update event to the ATO. Employers are responsible to send accurate payroll data to the ATO which is a compliance requirement and with our solution we can help them achieve.

Seamless Leave Liability (Rec.Leave/LSL and Sick)

Leave liability is normally a manual or semi-automated process in most of the organisations that will not give an organization a clear indication on leave movements i.e. leave take/accruals, on pay rate increase, employee transfer and terminations etc.

Our solution gives an organization a clear indication of leave movements that will also seamlessly be posted to GL via the existing GL interface

PIN Number change

Customers who have upgraded from < 9.2(8.9,9, 9.1) to 9.2 might have an issue in changing the GP pin number of the PS delivered and custom elements in-line with the Oracle standard (which was introduced after 9.1) because of the its complexity, therefore they might have decided to keep the old fashion pin numbers that would further lead to an issue on applying PUM image, patches etc which is an ongoing issue.

We have a proven approach to change the pin numbers of elements.

Single Source Deductions

Some of the deductions (Union, child support, overpayment recovery etc) will normally be assigned at the element assignment by payee page. It will work well for ongoing employees. However, with the casual employees where an organization have multiple casual jobs for an employee, the deduction needs to be assigned against all the jobs (in the element assignment) and also need manual intervention in each pay period.

Our solution assigns deduction only at the primary job that will automatically be resolved against other jobs that may have enough money in that period.

Automation of Termination/Rehire Process

Automation of termination processing including various tax calculations, leave out payments, clear out leave balances etc, Also, reinstate some of the leave balances (like sick leave), seniority date etc on rehire where the employee was rehired within certain period.