Your Service Technicians Are Actually Super Marios

Super Mario, a plumber with a mission sporting blue overalls, a red cap and his trademark bushy mustache, was always there to save the day.

Every customer with field service operations needs super marios who can help them and their customers during breakdown jams. Service technicians are heroes like Super Mario running out to save lives: machine lives! They rush to where their help is needed and spring into action to rescue our machines and devices from imminent death.

Like Super Mario, they are friendly and ready to help you with whatever dilemma you might be facing. They will realign your cogs and screws. They are fearless in the face of your sputtering motor. They will tackle your tech breakdowns. And always with a smile!

Even Super Mario needs a little help sometimes. He has got the ever-helpful Toad on his side. The same goes for service technicians. Help is only a mobile device away. When in doubt, technicians’ trusted allies are right in the palm of their hands. Field Service Management software ensures that checklists, instructional videos and manuals are only ever a few swipes away.

Super Mario is under immense pressure. Everyone expects him to safely deliver Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Bowser. The same goes for service technicians. Their customers and managers expect them to deliver quick repairs, installations and maintenance work. Everyone is looking to them to solve problems and restore order.

INK IT’s Field Service Management package is a cloud-based SAP solution that will provide your super marios with the complete tool kit and allow them to effectively and timely complete all their tasks, in turn giving your customers the best customer experience.

Kabir Bawa


Kabir Bawa

Kabir Bawa is Co-founder, COO, CFO, Advisor, and Partner in INK IT, a global information technology services and consulting company. He designs and implements business strategies, plans, and procedures. Setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth. He establishes policies that promote company culture and vision. Also, he oversees the daily operations of the company and the work of executives. He can be reached at