Conversational AI

AI driven bots are capable of taking written or spoken requests to handle such processes automatically. They can be trained to handle different types of requests and can be made available 24×7.
It allows people to communicate with applications, websites and devices in everyday, natural language via voice, text, or touch input enabling faster interaction.

Enterprise Support



Support integration using APIs, ESBs, Web Services, Flat files and more.



Support Multifactor Authentication and SSO and secure data storage

360 degree

Hybrid Deployment

Flexibility to deploy on secure cloud or on-premise environments.



Build once and make it available across enterprise channels.

Insights and Analytics


Customer Journey

An interactive visualization of your customer’s journeys from start to finish.


Learning Enabled

NLP engine can be plugged into Chat Bot for deep learning and training. Multi-Lingual capability.


Cognitive and Adaptive

Build smarter bots by learning from historical data.


Feedback Loop for Training

Rate you customer experience or feedback. This information can be used for further training of Bot.

Bot Features List

Reduce Burden on Customer

Handles basic support function with ease. Ability to register complaints

Integrate with other platform

Bot can be deployed to all the available social media/communication platform, Maps etc.

Time To Market

Faster implementation results in quick time to market.

Tailored Made for Business

Bots can be developed and implemented based on a specific business needs.


Bots can work 24*7 effectively. Ask anytime, anywhere

Technology Agnostic

No ‘one size fits’ all. Can lay over any new or legacy systems