Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION- A Council’s Pathway to Success!

Digital transformation has turned from an unknown term to a ‘buzzword’ known to everybody within a few years. Words like Cloud Computing, IoT, Blockchain, AI and AR have penetrated into a business vocabulary with so much ease that it’s difficult to believe.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that,” The company saw ‘two years’ worth of digital transformation in the last two months. That gives a clear picture how companies and all other organisations operating in this competitive environment will need to tie up their laces and adopt the change.

The Councils contribute greatly to a city’s growth & development as they offer public services such as planning and building infrastructure, traffic and transport management, the environment, facilities like water and electricity, maintain laws and the safety of citizens. They are very passionate about their communities and they offer great career options, job satisfaction and security to all working for them.

With the onset of Covid and the uncertainty of how long it is going to stay, like any other business houses, councils also will need to change the way they traditionally, though effectively worked. A change of sorts is expected and is gradually being adopted for the good.

The citizens increasingly demand information transparency, and stakeholders want accurate and timely reporting. Hence, the Councils need systems which can handle assets, finance, bill payments, HR and payroll, procurement and work management functions.The implementation of digitalization, as a survey suggested is expected to save half a billion Australian dollars in savings for each council.

INK IT provides that technology solution. It has the INSIGHT, INTERACTION, INTEGRATION and INNOVATION that will take the council only forward. It’s unique and customized Digital Platform according to the needs of the councils will sure help the councils with Customer Engagement, Employee Empowerment, Optimizing Operations and Product Transformation.

For over 6 years, INK IT has been delivering advanced tech solutions to businesses helping them to keep up with a speedy and persistent pace of a digital world. From detecting the pain points to removing them, from designing new tech solutions to successfully implement them into your business – they’re here to help unlock the future.

INK IT is squarely focused on driving transformation through leading technology. Automated processes will mean efficient and flawless work, zero errors, saved time, happier clients, increased revenues and most importantly, easier lives!

“Welcome the change, because change is inevitable and change is the law of life!!”

Kabir Bawa


Kabir Bawa

Kabir Bawa is Co-founder, COO, CFO, Advisor, and Partner in INK IT, a global information technology services and consulting company. He designs and implements business strategies, plans, and procedures. Setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth. He establishes policies that promote company culture and vision. Also, he oversees the daily operations of the company and the work of executives. He can be reached at

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