Fluent Commerce and INK IT Solutions Partner to Create Seamless Customer Experiences

In the worlds of e-commerce and customer experience, INK IT Solutions and Fluent Commerce are two prominent pioneers. We are excited to announce this new partnership, ready to revolutionise how firms interact with their customers by combining the capabilities and skills of both enterprises. We seek to create seamless and personalised customer experiences that will propel growth and success for businesses of all sizes by fusing the strength of the innovative approach of INK IT Solutions with Fluent Commerce’s modern, innovative solutions for Order Management and Inventory Accuracy.

Providing Businesses with Innovative Solutions: INK IT Solutions

INK IT Solutions has consistently been at the forefront of the digital transformation, enabling companies to prosper in the constantly changing digital environment. INK IT Solutions continually provides cutting-edge solutions that improve productivity, streamline operations, and maximise return on investment for clients across a range of sectors by taking a customer-centric approach.

“At INK IT Solutions, our vision is to redefine the possibilities of digital commerce. We think that using technology to change how companies interact with their clients would ultimately lead to success and growth. This ambition is perfectly aligned with our cooperation with Fluent Commerce, as we work together to develop seamless, personalised customer experiences that will raise the bar for the whole industry.” – CX Director Madhup Mudiraj

Using Fluent Commerce as a Partner to Unlock New Opportunities

Delivering excellent client experiences is a core value of Fluent Commerce, a world leader in unified commerce solutions. Businesses can integrate and streamline their omnichannel operations with their cutting-edge technology, giving customers a unified, personalised experience across all touchpoints. We can assist organisations in achieving operational efficiency, cutting down on time to market, and exceeding customer expectations by incorporating the potent technological stack of Fluent Commerce into our solutions.

Powering Seamless Customer Experiences with Synergy

Combining Fluent Commerce’s strong platform with INK IT Solutions’ in-depth knowledge of consumer requirements and the digital world, we can enable businesses to:

  1. Enable unified commerce experiences: Connect all sales channels and customer touchpoints seamlessly to offer customers consistent, individualised experiences throughout their entire journey.
  2. Streamline operations: Ensure maximum efficiency and cut operational expenses by optimising supply chain management, inventory, order fulfilment, and returns processes.
  3. Promote customer loyalty: Make use of cutting-edge analytics and AI-driven insights to comprehend consumer behaviour, tastes, and trends. This will allow companies to provide tailored offers and experiences that encourage steadfast loyalty.
  4. Adapt and scale: Businesses may keep one step ahead of the competition and seize new growth possibilities by using agile systems that can easily scale and adapt to changing market trends.

The collaboration between INK IT Solutions and Fluent Commerce marks a major advancement in the quest for unrivalled consumer experiences. We hope to reinvent the potential of digital commerce and equip companies with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive market by fusing our forward-thinking methodology with Fluent Commerce’s cutting-edge technology. Together, we will pave the path for a time when flawless customer experiences don’t mean sacrificing margins but rather, boosting them.

Madhup Mudiraj


Madhup Mudiraj

Madhup Mudiraj leads thought leadership for INK IT, a global information technology services and consulting company. Madhup leads the customer centric solution from providing expert advice as tactical changes to increase revenue and drive growth. In addition, Madhup is also heading a blockchain initiative start-up in building sustainable solutions across different industries. He can be reached at