PeopleSoft Pre-Built Tools

INKIT Solutions is committed to enhance PeopleSoft HCM to find solutions to the most common business problems .Why waste hours of your precious time in manual activities to still ending up with human errors.Our Consultants have built a number of pre-built tools to support you in moving from transactional to transformational activities.

PeopleSoft Test Framework

Allows users to execute more tests with greater accuracy in less time.

STP Year-End Reconciliation Tool

Avoid rework of correcting STP data and sending an update event to the ATO.

Seamless Leave Liability (Rec.Leave/LSL and Sick)

Clear indication of leave movements and seamlessly be posted to GL via the existing GL interfaces.

People-Service-PeopleSoft Pre-Built Tools
PIN Number change

Proven approach to change the pin numbers of elements.

Single Source Deductions

Avoid manual intervention in each pay period.

Automation of Termination/Rehire Process

Automatically reinstate some of the leave balances, seniority date etc. on rehire.

Systems Upgrade & Enhancement

With delivery center overseas, we offer a combination of onshore and offshore resource model to provide a cost effective service. From development to support to upgrade we have it all covered.

An upgrade involves advancing the system to the most current version or release available. Oracle releases new versions of the product each year. Organisations are provided with the technology via the PeopleTools or the PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM), to manage your upgrade.

Upgrading your PeopleSoft system provides many benefits to an organization including:

  • Access to new functionality and technology, helping you meet your business objectives
  • Access to the latest performance and usability enhancements, providing an improved customer experience
  • Continued access to highest level of technical support from Oracle
  • Lower operational costs due to removal of customisations (custom built applications that have been added on to the system)
  • Lower operational costs due to removal of customisations (custom built applications that have been added on to the system)

We recommend that you upgrade your system where possible but the drivers for not to upgrade are wide-ranging, with the obvious one being is cost, we have a very competitive pricing model for your system support and maintenance needs. Cost is one of the many benefits.

INK IT Solutions will supports your environment in its current version for a decade, therefore you no longer need to spend time and resources on upgrades. The value proposition for you is clear - divert resources to start innovating in other areas.

Our key approach is to get more from standard PeopleSoft functionality. We think about resolving a business problem through the following approach:

  • Configure the system and keep it vanilla
  • Consider use of PeopleSoft Delivered frameworks such as Fluid Drop Zones,Page Field Composer, Activity Guides, and Notification Framework.
  • Create Bolt-On – Lift and Shift

We have addressed multiple business problems for our clients using the above approach with significant savings for the clients in terms of time and money.

Selective Adoption

INKIT Solutions provides a range of Selective Adoption services for you to select from to best meet your business needs. From creating a selective adoption strategy tailored for your business to review your current processes and assess them against the latest available features in PeopleSoft to drive efficiency. We have it all covered.

Oracle PeopleSoft Selective Adoption delivers new features to your business faster. It brings a range of new features and bug fixes that you can pick and choose to adopt. Read more from Oracle about How to Gain Value from PeopleSoft Selective Adoption.

Benefits of Selective Adoption

  • Regular access to new features and fixes (released every 6-8 weeks)
  • Continuous Improved User Experience
  • Replace customisations with delivered function and in the process simplify future upgrades
  • Stay current and maximise our investment in PeopleSoft
Selective Adoption-peopleSoft-Services-right

Managed Support Services & Staff on Demand

INKIT Solutions have PeopleSoft Technical and Functional consultants that are available to assist for as little as 15 pre-paid hours on an adhoc basis to contractually place our consultants in your organisation for a fixed period of time.

Our consultants are working at multiple client sites and we are continuing to extend our services to other organisations and grow our client base.Contact us to discuss how we can help tailor a support service for your organisation.