What is SAP Customer Data Cloud?

SAP Customer Data Cloud enables you to grow your customers and build trusted, personalized customer relationships based on transparency and personal data control. Share your expertise, get help, and stay up to date in your knowledge of SAP Customer Data Cloud

Three Wheel of Customer Data Cloud are:

  • Customer Identity : Create a Loyal Customer base by reducing friction during registration and engage with customer by building trusted, personalized engagement
  • Customer Consent : Give more power to Customer to choose what they want by robust consent and preference management tools
  • Customer Profile : Create a 360° view of a Customer by gathering data from different sources and consolidating into one
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Business challenges

Disjointed registration and login systems across channels create inconsistent experiences, frustrating consumers, increasing their drop-off rate and driving them to the competition.

Businesses are losing greater number of customers because customers don’t know how their data is being used or have any control of its use.

The EU GDPR promises fines of up to 4% of global annual turnover or €20 million, whichever is larger, for each infraction involving the inability of a business to provide proof of consent by data subjects for the collection and processing of their personal data.

Raas Solution

Best-in-class Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution to centralize and streamline registration and login.


Self-service preference center where users can view, update, or withdraw their profile, preferences, and consent.

Integration Capabilities

Identity Exchange (IDX) marketplace providing out of the box integrations into more than 40 of today’s most popular customer experience technologies.


A secure profile, preference and consent management solution that addresses not only regional consumer privacy laws but also GDPR.


How INK IT Solutions can help you?​​

INK IT has expensive experience in implementing Customer Data Cloud into your business which can turn unknown online visitors into known, loyal customers. Build trusted relationships based on security, transparency and control.

Protect the business and turn compliance into a competitive advantage. INK IT offers fully functional and an integrated demo of SAP CX Suite portfolio demonstrating the seamless customer journey.

Our Consultants have hands-on experience and certified SAP Professional who can help your customers to protect their data and build a long lasting trust worthy relationship between you and the customer.