What is SAP Sales & Service Cloud?

SAP Sales & Service Cloud platform is designed to work seamlessly together, making organizations 100% customer centric by supplying the right data to the right person at the right time. And did we say, zero cost on hardware? SAP’s focus is to ensure that your mission critical data is safe and reliable, providing you peace of mind.

With SAP Sales Cloud, sales reps can a get holistic view of the customer in one place & connect with them in an efficient manner in every step of the sales process, from lead to sales. With SAP Service Cloud, customer service agents can provide faster, more accurate responses to their customers from anywhere, at anytime.

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Business challenges

In today’s digital world, the 2 most important areas which any organization needs to focus are – Sales & Service. Most of the processes can be digitalized and automated, but there is no substitute to human connect.

Industries worldwide are investing heavily in AI, ML, Bots etc. to optimize the workforce & provide better customer experience. Invariably this shift has resulted in lack of focus on human capability aspects to emotionally connect with their customers.

Single Customer view

Seamless user experience and consistent 360 customer view across devices – even offline. A single source of truth for content, training and coaching.

Powerful Optmization

Optimize conversion rates based on signals from internal and external data sources. Access to key information and recommended activities needed to move deals from lead nurture to close.

Better Engagement

Deliver the right content to the right buyer at the right time. Offer a unified and consistent service experience across multiple channels.

Empower service agents

Improve service agent productivity and reduce agent attrition by leveraging the power of real-time, transparent feedback, recognition, and friendly competition.


How INK IT Solutions can help you?​

At INK IT, our prime objective is to empower our clients to build a trusted foundation with their customers, and that’s why we’ve developed a value-added package – E3 CX Cloud that will provide the best of both worlds (Sales & Service Capability) & E3 stands for Efficient, Easy & Eco-omical.

All the packages can be delivered in matter of weeks with minimum business disruption.