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Improve operational efficiency using Intelligent Automations

19-22 OCTOBER 2020

International Virtual Week

INK IT Solution is proud to present at the Higher Education User Group Conference as part of the International Virtual Week 2020.

Come and hear about emerging technologies and real-life case studies of process automation using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies which together inspire swift end-to-end business process automation and fast-track digital transformation.

Conversational AI

In this webinar we’ll take an up-close look at Intelligent automation, and how:

  • Organizations can boost productivity and reduce human error in the most efficient way possible.
  • You can create significantly increased value for the company through hyper automation.
  • To improve customer satisfaction by delivering faster response times, greater accuracy, and more consistent results.

Attendees will learn how:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help significantly improve operational efficiency and accuracy
  • You can have a virtual personal assistant to take care of the high-volume transactions whilst you focus on Value-add tasks.
  • It helps to Improve data quality by reduction in manual errors and provide reliable analysis to make informed decisions.
  • A bot operates another bot and learn the difference between attended bot and independent bot.

Automation and Higher Education: A handshake

Did You know?

Only during the last decade, private institutions increased their spending on instruction by 22%, meanwhile spending on administration and staff support increased by 36%. In fact, today, many educational institutions staffers and administrators outnumber full time faculty.

According to a research done in Boise State University; Professors spend about 30% of their time on non-academic activities and the central office of the California State University System now has a budget larger than those of 3 of the system’s 23 campuses.

Emerging technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive computing and Artificial Intelligence are at the forefront of bringing in the next wave of innovation in Higher Education Institutions.

How is the Higher Education industry responding to this issue using Intelligent Process Automation?

Higher Education Institutions across the globe are getting on the automation wagon to automate data-intensive, time-consuming & repetitive processes. This is to stream-line key service operations, resulting in reduced operating expenses, enhanced academic & non-academic productivity and improved operational efficiency and accuracy.

Where Automation Helps?

  • Course registration, Shortlisting and enrolment process – Process automation and cognitive intelligence help in checking student’s eligibility criteria, validate information, shortlist candidates to avoid long manual process.
  • Attendance management – Manage the attendance, send automated notifications and reports to parents and students.
  • IT Operations – IT operations can get rid of a lot of time-consuming tickets like password resets, unlock accounts, reboot systems, restart service, install updates, monitor alerts with automations.
  • Human resources, admin, finance – Automate processes like payroll processing, vendor management, accounts payable-receivable, employee on/off boarding, inventory management, vendor management and many more.
  • Chatbot – Chabot can help automate the general queries from students, staff and website visitors like admission schedule, admission process, contact person, course information. With NLP and AI, chatbot can understand the natural language, learn from past data and reply to queries like a human.
  • Schedule meetings scheduling, timetable updates, equipment reservations, updates scheduling – Institution staff and students have to attend a lot of events and meeting. Notifying students and faculty about meeting, events and sending updates can be easily automated to save time

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