Maximise Your Business With SAP Field Service Management

INK IT Solutions is a global IT consulting company that offers credible services to maximize overall performance of our clients. Based in Australia with operations in Singapore and Germany, we help partnering companies achieve their goals.

Since our inception, INK IT has acquired years of experience dealing with various technologies. We mainly specialize in SAP Customer Experience, HR/Payroll, and other tailor-made solutions.

Recognized as an SAP Partner, INK IT has been entrusted with the vital tools and resources to carry out SAP solutions. We improve our clients’ Sales and Service capability to offer ultimate customer satisfaction.

Recognized as an SAP Partner, INK IT has been entrusted with the vital tools and resources to carry out SAP solutions. We improve our clients’ Sales and Service capability to offer ultimate customer satisfaction.

About SAP Field Services Management

SAP Field Services Management, also known as SAP FSM, is a cloud-based solution that allows you to resolve customer issues efficiently with end-to-end field service management. This solution is well-known for its advanced features, such as Analytics & Reports, Planning & Dispatching, Smartforms & Feedback.

SAP FSM provides an intuitive customer experience with their “customer self-service” feature. This tool allows customers to scan the equipment QR code and create a service call themselves and provides the history of the equipment like open requests, warranty etc.

Customers can get real-time ETA of technician and notifications with the help of an interactive dialogue (AI Chatbot) to triage, diagnose, and resolve issues. The self-service represents the “No Touch” model as it helps customers initiate service on their own and solve their own problems and get the immediate satisfaction they deserve.

However, what sets SAP FSM apart from other software is its extensive SAP Crowd Service module. This enables you to create a solid, well-connected network of skilled service technicians, including partners, customers, and freelancers, to achieve a workforce that can tackle specific jobs.

SAP FSM is the ideal core of your organizations thanks its powerful yet effortless service experience. The solution boosts customer satisfaction rates with new technologies, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning

As we progress into future generations, more and more companies rely on comprehensive yet accessible Field Service Management Software. With SAP FSM, your business operations are simplified to help obtain a higher revenue.

How SAP FSM Can Help Your Business

  • Expand your workforce with real-time service provided by your network of technicians,partners, and freelancers obtained from Crowd Service
  • Measure your field service metric utilizing dynamic data to obtain key insights
  • Enhance customer self-service experience with real-time ETA and notifications
  • Accelerate and observe your end-to-end work order lifecycle to fulfill your SLAs
  • Obtain 360° visibility over your customers, products, and workforce in under one simplified data hub
  • Utilize flexible mobile field service apps and graphically enhanced dashboards to offer customers the best service performance
  • Optimize your company’s scheduling, planning, and dispatching with credible AI-based tools.

Why Choose SAP FSM

In this fast-paced era, customers expect quick response times from companies. If companies cannot meet those demanding expectations, they will move forward to other similar services provided by your rival companies.

However, SAP FSM gives you the competitive edge to simplify the way you view your operations, allowing you to see which tactics work best and what strategies can be deployed.

In order to provide only the best for your customers, you will have to make the best out of your business practices first. Fortunately, SAP FSM automates a good portion of your office process to ensure quicker customer service. Combining SAP FSM’s solution with INK IT’s expertise, we can deploy your next strategy to anticipate any forthcoming challenges that may occur to your business.

INK IT SAP Implementation

INK IT has acquired a strong level of expertise in the field of SAP implementations. Utilizing our extensive industry knowledge and understanding of business processes, we have the credibility to help you deploy the appropriate SAP solution.

Our team has helped companies all over the world, notable India, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and Singapore with their SAP implementation. Entrusted by some of the world’s largest enterprises, we ensure that your establishment has a smooth SAP solution implementation – complete with support and upgrades.

How INK IT Optimizes Your SAP FSM

  • Evaluate your existing practices and systems, recommend the right courses of action, create new practices, and develop an efficient SAP FSM strategy.
  • Work closely with your business model and objectives, identify your infrastructure, and implement a new SAP FSM solution (or improve your existing SAP FSM system.)
  • Set up, configure, and customize your SAP FSM solution to match your business requirements.
  • Offer data migration services, including data extraction, cleansing, deduplication, and importing.
  • Integrate your SAP FSM solution with other business systems.
  • Train project team members on using, managing, and sustaining their new SAP FSM system.
  • Provide support for SAP FSM solution
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Madhup Mudiraj

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